Goodridge Brake Lines Hoses and Fittings

Goodridge 600-02 Hoses

Goodridge 600-02 hose.If you need a hose that has a very small bore and is able to withstand very high pressures then maybe the 600-02 series hose is what you need for the application. We can provide the 600-02 hose with adapters that will then allow a host of other fittings to be attached. In the example image you can see a 600-02 hose with adapters which allow other fittings to be used such as the 3/8ths male and also the 90 degree banjo shown.

600-02 hose properties
Bore size: 2.0mm
PTFE Wall: 1.0mm
Braided o.d.: 5mm
Working Pressure: 450 Bar
Burst Pressure: 1350
Weight: 0.045kg/m
Temperature range: -70deg C to 260deg C

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