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Aeroquip Hoses

Aeroquip(Aeronautical Equipment) was founded by Peter F. Hurst who was a German immigrant into the United States in 1939.
Hurst was an innovative engineer working at Rotadisk in Britain, a subsidiary of Argus Motor Company(German), which manufactured aircraft brakes.
While developing a new braking system for Focke-Wulf, Hurst's team revolutionised the braking sytem by designing hoses that could be detached from the system as separate components rather than being permanently attached which made maintenance far easier.

This meant lighter braking systems, easier maintenance and less time involved in maintenance.

As the war took hold in Europe, Hurst went to America where his new designs where welcomed and started to be used on US warplanes. This led to massive expansion of the company as the design became standard on all aircraft.

Despite seeing a huge decrease in business immediately after the war, Aeroquip started a rise in fortunes by going public and then acquiring other companies across the globe.

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